CYBUS is a pure play technology company providing technology products and services to organizations where technology
is an integral part of their operations & existence.

CYBUS – Ideology The challenges of a progressive organization today is not just limited to the day-to-day operations but also the strategic decisions that are required to set-up & manage complete IT infrastructure & telephony requirement, in order to make operations seamless and at the same time geared up for the future. CYBUS’s ideology is to assist organizations in achieving higher level of technology awareness by being a catalyst in achieving their organizational goals. CYBUS as a True Partner has been ensuring that it brings on the table its expertise and knowledge to add value to its clients businesses and their processes, it is for this reason that we have not lost a single client since inception. The promoters and the executive team of CYBUS have more than 5 decades of cumulative experience in IT & IT enabled organizations ranging from middle management levels to top management levels in technology driven organizations.

The CYBUS team during their various assignments always found that there was no true enabler in the current market space who can offer end-to-end services & solutions for the organizations to be ready for future growth with a dynamic and flexible platform. Hence, CYBUS was formed to be an enabler and a strategic partner helping companies/ institutions take well calculated & informed decisions for the growth of their organizations with a strong focus at the future plans/ opportunities at a very reasonable cost.